Submarine Electricity Cable replacement works

Fifty-nine Scottish islands are connected to the mainland electricity network via submarine electricity cables. 

As these cables naturally come to the end of their operational life, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks make arrangements to replace them to ensure a continued reliable electricity supply to Scotland’s islands.

The introduction of Scotland's National Marine Plan (2015) means we may need to change the way we install new or replacement cables within the marine environment. 

We are committed to consulting with all parties who have an interest in how these cables are installed, from the customers who rely on the electricity to the marine users who may be impacted.

For more information on how we manage our cable replacement programme see our booklet in the information library.


Submarine Cables Safety Event

The submarine cables team recently hosted a safety event for all our contractors. The day, which focussed on behaviours and how we all work safely, was a great success and is summarised in the video below.

If it's not safe, we don't do it.





Subsea Cable Installation Off The Coast Of Shapinsay

Shetland cable replacements granted  

Following submission of applications in April 2018, marine licences have now been granted to replace the submarine electricity cable between Mossbank-Yell and two cables between Yell-Unst, in Shetland.


Installation of these cables is scheduled to commence in the early part of 2019 and will secure supply to these islands for years to come. More information on the operations will follow prior to commencement of the works.


For more information on the projects, click /submarinecables/information/