Submarine Electricity Cable replacement works

For over 50 years, electricity has been provided to fifty-nine Scottish islands via submarine electricity cables which connect these islands to the electricity network that serves mainland Great Britain, supplying electricity to homes and businesses in Scotland’s remote island communities.

As these cables naturally come to the end of their operational life, we need to make arrangements to replace them to ensure we continue to provide a reliable electricity supply to Scotland’s islands. The recent introduction of Scotland's National Marine Plan (2015) means that we may need to change the way that we install new or replacement cables within the marine environment and we are committed to consulting with all parties who have an interest in how these cables are installed, from the customers who rely on the electricity to the marine users who may be impacted.

We now want to engage with you to discuss our plans before we make any application for a Marine Licence, which is needed before we can get to work and carry out the replacement.

Thank you to all those who attended our recent events.

  • The Shetland consultation is now closed.
  • The Western Isles cable consultation is now closed.
  • The consultation on replacing three Orkney cables is now closed.



The consultation events were well attended so thanks for coming along to share views. We are now collating the information received and preparing Marine licence applications.

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