SSEN and Bracknell Forest Council work together to boost local electric vehicle uptake

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) and Bracknell Forest Council are working together to ensure the area’s electricity infrastructure is robust and ready as homes and businesses in the Berkshire town adopt low carbon technologies, such as electric vehicles (EVs).

SSEN’s Customer Relationship Manager, Bryan Puszkar attended this week’s online engagement event with the council’s Climate Change Advisory Panel. Chaired by Councillor Tony Virgo, the session was attended by 35 of the panel’s members and guest speakers; joining forces to understand the needs of Bracknell’s customers as they move to meet their net zero ambitions and what changes might be needed locally to help them realise their goals.

The distribution operator is committed to enabling the installation of enough chargepoints to support both local EV drivers and those visiting the town, by designing, building and maintaining a strong and resilient electricity infrastructure.

SSEN is continually investing in its Thames Valley electricity network, with an ambitious business plan proposed to run from 2023 to 2028 that will power communities to net zero through a £4.1 billion investment across its UK networks. This investment in SSEN’s distribution network will provide power supplies fit for the future and customers’ needs as they take up low carbon technologies such as EVs and heat pumps.

SSEN’s Bryan Puszkar said:

“SSEN is investing in its power supplies for the requirements of homes and businesses across Bracknell and the whole of Thames Valley; helping its customers to make the move to low carbon technologies that will enable them to meet their net zero goals.

“It was great to be able to take part in an event like this, where we can explore and understand how SSEN and Bracknell Forest Council can work together to help those living and working in the area to realise their decarbonisation ambitions.

“With over 45,000 households in this town, we’re already laying the groundwork and building the network they need for now and the years to come.”

Councillor Tony Virgo from Bracknell Forest Council added:

“As Chair of Bracknell Forest Council’s Climate Change Advisory Panel, I was delighted when SSEN’s Bryan Puszkar agreed to taking part in our panel discussion on EV chargers as it gave the Panel a better understanding of the challenges ahead to decarbonise.

“I also believe we have created a better working relationship between SSEN and Bracknell Forest Council, that will improve the lives of our residents.”

To find out more about Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks’ plans to deliver improvements for customers and accelerate investment in its networks, please go to Powering Communities to Net Zero.