SSEN helps drive forward Dundee’s electric ambitions

One of Dundee City Council's new electric bin lorries - Leonardo Di Charge-io

The arrival of two brand new electric bin lorries at Dundee City Council is the latest in the local authority’s drive to electrify transport in the city.

And local electricity network operator, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) Distribution is proud to play its part in facilitating the council’s net zero ambitions by installing new substations and connecting electric vehicle chargers to the underground electricity network serving the city.

Dundee City Council is at the forefront of the switch to the electrification of transport through the Drive Dundee Electric campaign, which focuses on promoting and supporting the uptake of electric vehicles in the city.

Leading by example, the arrival of the new HGVs boosts the growing number of EVs at the council, as it already has two minibuses, more than 100 electric cars and a large mechanical street sweeper that are all powered by electricity and connected to the network by SSEN.

Drive Dundee Electric Bus 2

The 26-tonne Dennis Eagle machines – Bin Diesel and Leonardo Di Charge-io – are thought to be the first two electric bin lorries in Scotland, with four more on order to add to the fleet in 2021. Within the next nine years, all 36 bin lorries will be converted to electric, which will equate to a carbon dioxide emission saving of 720,000kg.

Barry Will, SSEN Distribution’s Head of Connections, said:

“As the electricity distribution network operator serving Dundee, we are proud to play our part in supporting Dundee City Council with the installation of new substations and network connections to facilitate the electrification of transport in the city.

“At SSEN, we stand ready to support and accelerate vital green investment in our communities, powering the transition to a cleaner, greener future and enabling cities like Dundee to achieve their net zero ambitions.”

Mark Flynn, convener of Dundee City Council’s city development committee, added:

“The bin lorries that have been added to our fleet and are now working on refuse routes in the city are a very obvious physical demonstration of the council’s continued commitment to clean air. Not only are they good for the environment, they will also save money in fuel costs when compared with their fossil fuel counterparts and on servicing and regular maintenance.

"Robust electric commercial vehicle charger provision is clearly critical to their continued success and despite the challenges faced during the pandemic these have been installed, tested and are now operational."

For more information on the Drive Dundee Electric campaign, visit

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