SSEN unveils future-friendly Power Track portal update

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) has launched its newly redesigned and reconfigured web portal, Power Track, with new updates including an electric vehicle (EV) chargepoint locator, improved optimisation for mobile devices, and an easier process for customers to report, track and receive updates on power cuts.

The Power Track web portal was redesigned following feedback from the distribution operator’s customers and stakeholders. SSEN is committed to supporting customers connect to their net zero future and the provision of EV chargepoint data will ensure that - even during a supply interruption - customers will know where they will be able to charge their vehicles. 

The web portal’s redesign follows an update to SSEN’s Power Track app for iOS and Android earlier this year to provide users with directions to the nearest EV chargepoint during a power cut. The updated web portal also includes new features for greater ease of use by customers, including:  

  • Improved optimisation for mobile devices. The new web portal is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices, meaning users on the move can also access all of the portal’s features.
  • Text message updates.Customers impacted by a power cut can opt to receive ongoing text message updates on the status of the power cut and timelines for restoring power.
  • Location of EV chargepoints during a power cut. Using data from the National Chargepoint Registry, portal users will be able to navigate to over 13,000 public EV chargepoints during a power cut. Users are also able to filter and sort chargepoints based on a variety of criteria to ensure ease of use.
  • Context and status updates for power cuts.Users can now use their postcode to locate a nearby power cut. During a power cut, users can also see the reason for the outage and a progress bar for restoring power when details are available.
  • Reporting the power cut and damage. Using a new online form, users can now more accurately report a power cut and any damage to the network. The information submitted via the form is automatically provided to dispatchers for investigation of reported cuts and quick turnaround times.

The new features and redesign reflect SSEN’s ongoing commitment to keep its customers informed during supply interruptions. Customers will be able to provide feedback on the new Power Track portal via email at

Mike Dotts, Digital Strategy and Website Development Manager for SSEN, said: 

“We are excited to release this new redesigned and reconfigured Power Track web portal. Its updated and streamlined design, new features, and greater contextual information were made with customers in mind.

“Power Track’s new design and features also are a great opportunity for us to showcase how the customer feedback we receive can be used and incorporated to improve the services and offerings we provide to the 3.8 million customers in our north and south distribution areas.”

Power Track’s mobile app – updated earlier this year – also provides customers with a quick and easy way of reporting and viewing power cuts and EV chargepoint data. To date, the app has been downloaded over 100,000 times and has provided communities in both SSEN’s central and southern England and north of Scotland distribution regions with informative updates.

Earlier this year, Helen Vass, a Customer and Community Advisor in SSEN’s Ridgeway regionrecommended the Power Track app to her local community group when a power cut occurred.

Helen explained: 

“As part of a local online community group where I live, I was involved in a group chat when the village’s power supply was interrupted by an unplanned outage. For most people, it’s not having a rolling source of information or understanding why the power has gone off, that causes the more unrest, but I was able to reassure them that they could have all of that information through SSEN’s Power Track.

“The whole community group now has the Power Track app installed on their mobile phones, which has given them so much confidence in how SSEN reacts to power cuts and the help that can be provided to them. I’ll be making sure to provide them with the link to our newly updated Power Track portal at our next meeting, as they and all of our customers have been instrumental in helping us understand what communities wanted from these online information sources.”

The new Power Track portal can be accessed here and is for use throughout SSEN’s central and southern England and north of Scotland distribution areas. Customers are invited to provide feedback via