SSEN invites stakeholders to shape its digital future

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) Distribution is inviting stakeholders to an upcoming webinar on August 24th on its recently released Digital Strategy and Action Plan. The webinar is an opportunity for stakeholders to provide feedback and their views on the Strategy, SSEN’S upcoming Action Plan, and areas of key focus ahead of and during the upcoming distribution price control period, RIIO-ED2.

SSEN is committed to being at the forefront of the future energy system and providing the over 3.8 million customers it serves with leading digital services. SSEN’s social media channels and digital apps provide millions across GB with important updates on events, power cuts, and opportunities offered by the energy system that serves them. 

In June, SSEN released its Digital Strategy and Action Plan. Together, they outline SSEN’s vision to be a progressive network owner, using digital to enhance social and economic value, deliver a leading experience for our customers, and enable the energy system to reach net zero carbon emissions.

As new digital technologies are developed and utilised, they enable organisations and customers to interact in a manner which fits customer needs. With the current distribution price control period ending in 2023 and plans already underway for the next period, RIIO-ED2, the webinar provides a key opportunity for stakeholders to feedback and shape the Digital Strategy and Action Plan.

The webinar will be held on August 24th at 2:00pm, and SSEN is inviting stakeholders to feedback their views on:

  • The upcoming pipeline of projects outlined for the next 6 months
  • The prioritisation of SSEN’s activities in the Action Plan
  • SSEN’s strategic direction outlined in the Digital Strategy
  • SSEN’s priorities for digital investment for ED2
  • Any gaps or missing elements in the Digital Strategy and our Action Plan

Steven Gough, SSEN’s DSO Technical Authority said:

“We are committed to playing an industry-leading role in digital services, providing access and support to the many customers and communities we serve throughout GB.

“The Digital Strategy and Action Plan were both shaped by engagement with and feedback from stakeholders. The webinar is great opportunity to continue the dialogue and ensure SSEN’s plans and priorities are aligned with what stakeholders have identified and voiced.”

Interested stakeholders can sign up for the webinar on August 24th here.