Can you provide flexibility to the islands off the west coast of Scotland?

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is encouraging renewable energy providers to join its webinar next week and learn more about how they can help support the delivery of a low-carbon, smarter energy system.

SSEN has identified a section of its network on Islay and Jura that can benefit from the adoption of flexible services, known as Constraint Managed Zones (CMZ), and is set to launch a trial to manage multiple service providers alongside its existing Bowmore power station on Islay, utilising a flexibility service management system. 

The flexible services, from renewable energy generators and battery storage facilities, can opt in to being paid to provide power to support SSEN's network to prevent overloading of assets, or during maintenance and faults on the network to reduce the reliance on fossil fuel-based energy generation.  Service providers can also opt in to be paid to turn down their electricity demand to support SSEN's network operations.

SSEN successfully ran a CMZ trial on Islay in the past year, working with a local generator to keep the power flowing to customers on Islay, Jura and Colonsay, as teams worked to replace the subsea cable feeding the islands. 40% of the average local electricity demand was met ensuring customers on the islands continued to receive the power they needed.

Alex Howison, Flexible Solutions Manager at SSEN, said:

“As we develop a smarter, more flexible, energy system to support the UK’s net zero ambitions, customers and communities now have new opportunities to play an active role in the energy system.

“Following great success from our first Constraint Managed Zone on Islay where we avoided carbon emissions equivalent of taking 971 cars off the road for a year, our ambition is to increase flexibility across our networks, delivering cost-effective solutions and significant carbon reductions to help meet the UK’s climate action commitments.

“I’d encourage anyone interested in providing flexibility services to join the webinar where our teams will provide further information on the opportunities available to get involved.

The webinar will be on Friday 2nd October 1pm-2pm, and to find out more and register, please click here.

In addition to Islay and Jura, SSEN is also setting up CMZ locations in other areas of its network across northern Scotland and central southern England, and interested providers are welcome to join the webinar to get further information regarding CMZ. 


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