SSEN joins DNO coalition to support flexibility across distribution networks

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is proud to be working with three other distribution network operators (DNOs), to give flexibility providers a streamlined path to participating in flexibility across multiple network areas.

‘Flexible Power’ brings together SSEN, Western Power Distribution, Scottish Power Energy Networks and Northern Powergrid to simplify flexibility markets. The four DNOs have agreed to signpost and operate all their flexibility requirements on Flexible Power, a joint website that seeks to use flexibility services to shift demand away from peak periods.

Flexible Power will give providers the ability to view flexibility locations, requirement data, procurement notices and documentation from all four DNOs. Once contracted, providers will be given access to the Flexible Power Portal where they will be able to declare their flexible assets’ availability, receive dispatch signals and view performance and settlement reports.

SSEN views this partnership as a first step and will be working with other DNOs to find more ways to develop interface capability with other flexibility platforms, to ensure greater transparency and market access for all flexibility providers.

Stewart Reid, Head of Future Networks for SSEN said: 

“Flexibility will help manage the transition to net zero in a smart and cost-effective manner which is why we are committed to flexibility first. Our current portfolio includes contracts worth 6MW that were placed on the Isle of Islay earlier this year, which have already had the carbon reduction equivalent of powering 500,000 homes for a week.

“As the energy system continues to change it is imperative that opportunities for engagement are accessible for the communities we serve. Flexible Power will help support customers’ journeys towards becoming flexibility providers, which not only benefits the individual but the whole system.

“I am proud that DNOs are working together to make the route to participation as simple and cost effective as possible.”