Communities urged to look up and look out for overhead power lines this Bonfire Night

Fire under overhead line.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is urging everyone celebrating Bonfire Night to ensure fireworks and bonfires are kept a safe distance from electricity infrastructure.

With many major firework displays cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions, SSEN is encouraging everyone planning on hosting their own private celebrations to ensure they do so a safe distance from electricity equipment, such as overhead power lines, substations and transformers.

Setting off fireworks and having bonfires near overhead lines and substations risks damaging equipment, causing power cuts for the local community, and can cause fatal accidents to anyone in the immediate area. Nearby smoke, heat and fire can all damage overhead power lines, and the debris from rockets can land on substation equipment, making it important to keep these activities safely away from power infrastructure.

SSEN is encouraging people who are planning on having a bonfire and fireworks to inspect the area during daylight, so that overhead lines and other equipment can be safely avoided.

Ian Crawley, Networks Operational Safety Manager said:

“We want everyone to enjoy this special time of year and for celebrations to be safe. When you’re planning your bonfire and fireworks, please do so in the daylight and be mindful of what power infrastructure is nearby. Please look up and avoid having bonfires and setting off fireworks close to overhead equipment, including near overhead lines or substations.” 

SSEN is encouraging customers to report power cuts and damage to SSEN’s equipment by calling 105, the emergency power cut number, or by reporting it via SSEN’s Power Track app

For more information on safety around power lines and electrical equipment, please visit