Dame Cheryl Gillan MP welcomes SSEN’s electric vehicle leadership

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN), as part of SSE plc, is a signatory of the Climate Group’s EV100 commitment to decarbonise its fleet of vehicles by 2030. Dame Cheryl Gillan MP for Chesham and Amersham has welcomed the leadership and called for other operators of large corporate fleets to follow suit. 

In the Prime Minister’s 10-point plan he announced the government will be making £1.3bn available to support the roll out of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, to support the UK realising its 2050 net zero carbon emissions target. 

Dame Cheryl Gillan MP met with SSEN to discuss the EV transition, and how her constituents can be supported in switching to EVs. As the vice-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on EVs Dame Cheryl has been a strong advocate for the benefits EVs will bring to the UK. 

SSEN is investing in its infrastructure to support the increased demand electric vehicles will put on electricity networks to ensure it is prepared to support 10m EVs on GB roads by 2030. The network operator has gone further, and as part of SSE Group, has signed up to the Climate Group’s EV100 commitment and will decarbonise 3,500 vehicles by 2030. 

Electrifying corporate fleets is an important piece of the UK’s EV journey and will have important knock-on benefits including stimulating the second-hand EV market which will make EVs more widely accessible and affordable for UK households. 56% of new vehicles purchased are intended for corporate fleets, which in turn account for 1.5 million vehicles to the second-hand market annually. 

The EV100 commitment aims to make electric the new normal by 2030, and other signatories include BT Group, Lloyds Banking Group and Natwest Group. SSE has called on Government to go further and put in place measures to deliver the full decarbonisation of cars and vans in corporate fleets by 2030. 

Dame Cheryl Gillan MP said: 

“I welcome SSEN’s commitment to decarbonising its corporate fleet and investment to support the UK realising its EV ambitions. This government has shown welcome international leadership in investing in the vital infrastructure required to support the EV transition, and it is imperative that the opportunities created by the transition to EVs are open and accessible to my constituents. 

“By shifting corporate fleet to electric, and stimulating the second-hand market, a greater variety of options will be made available to the constituents I serve that are ready to make the switch.” 

Richard Hartshorn, SSEN’s EV Readiness Manager said: 

“The transition to EVs poses exciting opportunities and challenges for the UK’s electricity networks. We are investing in infrastructure and solutions to support the households and communities we serve to make the transition to EVs. 

“In our distribution areas we expect EV ownership to increase by 11,000% by 2050. Extensive electrification of transport and supporting households to make the switch to EVs is vital if the UK is to meet its net zero target.”

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) expect electricity demand to at least double by 2050 as more and more customers shift to electric heating and vehicles. SSEN is working to understand the ambitions of the communities it serves, and to enable this transition.