SSEN invites stakeholders to webinar on Electric Vehicle Strategy and future engagement

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is inviting stakeholders to attend a webinar at 10.30am on 8 July to discuss SSEN’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Strategy, our support for the transition to EVs, the connections process and how SSEN works to ensure fair access to electrified charging for everyone. 

The cost of EVs is falling, choice is improving, and increasing numbers of people are considering making the switch. In March 2020, SSEN published its Electric Vehicle (EV) Strategy outlining how the business will facilitate EV uptake and support the UK’s transition to net zero. In the strategy, principles are outlined that the business will embed to support the move to electrified transport. These principles will support the realisation of SSEN’s EV vision which is: 

  • networks enabling the transition to EV;
  • customers and businesses having the confidence to switch, and this process being simple, efficient and fast;
  • the customer experience being consistent across the UK based on cross-industry collaboration;
  • targeted investment delivering a cost-effective transition to net zero and 10 million EVs on UK roads by 2030.

The SSEN webinar, “EV Strategy and Policy Updates”, will be held on 8 July at 10.30am and will include presentations from our internal teams, setting out SSEN’s EV Strategy, our EV technical policy which has been updated following stakeholder feedback last year and talking through the connections process, including the application and design process for new charge points. Attendees will also gain an understanding of how SSEN structures the network to ensure fair access for all customers.

The webinar is an excellent opportunity for customers and stakeholders to engage with SSEN teams and advise what more they can do to support them with the fast-moving transition to electrified transport. Stakeholders will also be encouraged to provide their feedback on the EV Strategy in written form after the event. Sign up for the webinar here.

Richard Hartshorn, EV Readiness Manager for SSEN said:

“We are keen to gather stakeholders’ views on our EV Strategy and I would encourage all interested parties to attend this webinar to learn about its contents and how they can feed back. We are proud of our track record of “you said, we did” and this webinar offers an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to judge our work and help us build the roadmap to decarbonised transport.

“This is also an opportunity for local stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of how we plan our network and how early engagement with our teams can help them to prepare for cleaner, electrified transport. There will be an opportunity for Q&A with the team and further tips on how to continue to engage after the webinar.”

To register for SSEN's EV Strategy and Policy Updates webinar, click here.
The recorded webinar will be available afterwards on our website, here.
To read SSEN's EV Strategy, click here.