Callanish family’s call to 105 is an overall success

Alasdair (left) and Seumas (right) with their SSEN-branded boiler suits

Two cousins in Callanish on the Isle of Lewis have seen their quick thinking during a power cut rewarded with a pair of bespoke boiler suits from Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks.

When the lights in their home went off in February this year, Mrs MacDonald was in the process of trying to work out what could have caused the power cut when her son Seumas and his cousin Alasdair, who was visiting at the time, rushed to tell her that the electricity pole outside their house was looking slightly different.

Mrs MacDonald takes up the story:

“Seumas had looked out the window and noticed that there was something a bit different about the pole, it looked like a piece of equipment on it had been damaged or had come loose. As this was at the same time the power was off, he and his cousin quickly put 2+2 together and rushed to let us know what they’d seen, just in case they were related.

“From the 105 adverts that SSEN had been promoting on their Facebook page, we knew that was the number to call if your power goes off or if you see something that doesn’t look quite right, and so we got on the phone to let them know what the two boys had seen out in the garden.

“The person at the SSEN office was really helpful, they took all our details and a team of local engineers were soon out checking the pole, they did their repairs and the power came back on not long after.”

Iain MacIver from SSEN’s Stornoway Power Station said that the Seamus and Alasdair’s quick thinking is a fantastic example of ‘doing the right thing’:

“By calling 105 to let us know about the pole, the MacDonalds really made a difference, it was a great help to everyone working to locate the fault and get our customers’ power back on as safely and as quickly as possible.

“We wanted to say ‘thank you’ to the young lads for their eagle-eyed response and so, after speaking to Mrs MacDonald, we came up with the idea of the mini, made-to-measure, replica SSEN overalls. 

“We’ve also got a visit to the power station here in Stornoway lined up for after lockdown, once it’s safe for us to give them a full tour of the site. I’m sure that if they wear their overalls that day, they’ll fit right in with the rest of us!”

105 is the free, national 24hr number to call if you have a power cut, if you see any damage to electricity equipment or, as in this case, if you see something that simply doesn’t look quite right. You can also report a power cut or let us know about any damage you come across, including sending us a photo of what you see, via the free-to-download Power Track app.