£1.3 million electricity network upgrade recommences in Alton

Improvement works by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) to boost the power supply to over 17,000 customers in a Hampshire market town are due to re-start this month after being temporarily halted due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The second phase of the £1.3 million works, to upgrade Alton’s electricity infrastructure and build a resilient network for the busy market town, was postponed earlier this year in compliance with social distancing measures and in order to ensure maximum safety for customers in the area and colleagues working on the project. SSEN took the decision to delay the works until they could be safely undertaken, in adherence to government guidelines.

SSEN is excited to announce the project will now get underway again on Monday 27 July starting at Turk Street and Cross Pillary Lane, before progressing further along Turk Street and the section of High Street at Market Street. All of the works are due for completion by the end of August 2020.

This final phase of the project, which sees an investment by SSEN of £600,000, will further improve network resilience and future-proof Alton’s infrastructure for the changing demands of its residents and businesses; all part of SSEN’s commitment to taking a “you said, we did” approach to investing in its vital infrastructure. 

On Monday, SSEN called on the UK Government to build the most extensive electric vehicle (EV) charging network in the world by 2025 to accelerate a green recovery. The Alton project, as part of SSEN’s network investment programme, is critical in ensuring infrastructure is ready and able to accommodate EVs and other low-carbon technologies. SSEN has published Accelerating a Green Recovery setting out ten measures for the Government to ensure no communities are left behind in the transition to net zero carbon emissions.

SSEN’s Project Manager, Richard Clark is leading the Alton upgrade works and said: “I want to thank the residents and business owners of Alton, who have already been so accommodating when SSEN worked to carry out the first phase of this project. While it has been disappointing to have to delay this final phase, safety is a priority for our customers and colleagues, and we had to postpone these works until we were sure the circumstances allowed for safe working.

“Part of this has involved detailed discussions with local authorities and Highways to ensure we could keep traffic flowing along the route with the minimum of temporary restrictions and allowing safe pedestrian walkways that would still enable social distancing.  In addition to working to strict Government guidelines on social distancing and the use of enhanced Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), SSEN will also implement thorough safety checks in advance of any work, and maintaining a distance of over one metre at all times.

“While there are no Planned Service Interruptions (PSI) for the duration of these works, at SSEN we are aware that customers may generally have concerns relating to power cuts during this time and I would encourage our local residents to sign up for our Priority Services Register to receive additional help during power cuts.” 

To find out more about the Priority Services Register, and to see whether you qualify for extra support, visit: www.ssen.co.uk/psr.  

To read more about the ways in which teams are working to keep your power flowing during the coronavirus pandemic, please visit this page on our website: https://www.ssen.co.uk/covid19response/