SSEN encourages its Thames Valley customers to sign up for free support this winter  

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is calling on residents across Thames Valley to sign up to its Priority Services Register (PSR) to receive extra support this winter, and to find out more about energy efficiency and money saving measures. 

With nearly one million customers living and working in rural and urban areas across SSEN’s Thames Valley region – which covers locations including Bracknell, High Wycombe, Newbury, Reading and Slough - the network operator is helping local residents to prepare for the winter weather, which can bring the potential for disruption to power supplies. 

SSEN offers several free services including its PSR, and confidential guidance and information through its partnership with YES Energy Solutions; helping households looking to save money, improve their energy efficiency and prepare for the winter months ahead. 

Through the network operator’s Priority Services Register (PSR), customers who could find themselves in a vulnerable situation during planned or unplanned power outages are offered free extra support, which varies according to the individual customer’s needs, and through YES Energy Solutions is also offering free, expert advice on energy efficiency; all part of SSEN’s ongoing commitment to supporting its customers. 

SSEN’s Customer Relationship Manager, Bryan Puszkar said:  

“At SSEN, we do all we can to cater for our customers’ needs through the winter and beyond, so we’re delighted to be working in partnership with YES Energy Solutions; helping our customers address their energy use and how they can make savings. 

“In addition to this, we can provide extra assistance for our customers who need some more help if their power supply is interrupted. We’ve already had a great uptake in local residents signing up to our PSR, but we know there are still some households which could benefit from the scheme and with our PSR leaflets produced in 11 different languages, we’re asking families and friends to help share our PSR information with those close to them.” 

Customers are eligible for SSEN’s Priority Services Register (PSR) if they:

  • Are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Have a disability
  • Live with children under five
  • Are blind or partially sighted 
  • Have a chronic illness
  • Use medical equipment/aids reliant on electricity
  • Are over 60

Earlier this year, SSEN extended its PSR criteria to customers who may require additional help during the coronavirus pandemic, so those categorised at ‘high risk’ and ‘extremely high risk’ of severe illness from coronavirus are also eligible to sign up for additional support. SSEN produces its Priority Services Register leaflets in 11 different languages; all of which are also available to read and download from its website, by going to:  

Bryan added:  

“In addition to signing up for PSR or seeking guidance from YES Energy Solutions, we’re also encouraging customers to download the free-to-call 105 emergency number and SSEN’s Power Track app to any phones or digital devices they have, to enable them to report power cuts and emergencies, and to be kept updated on those situations.” 

Customers can prepare for the winter months and the potential for weather events which can affect power supplies by: 

  • Saving the emergency power cut number – 105 – to your phone to report power cuts or damage to the electricity network
  • Downloading SSEN’s Power Track app to give you details of power cuts and restoration times. You can also report power cuts and network damage through the Power Track app 
  • Going to SSEN’s website where there is a wealth of advice and information on how to deal with a power cut, or to chat live to one of SSEN’s advisors via its Webchat service
  • Following SSEN on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates 

Louise Jones, SSEN’s Priority Services Manager has also made a short video explaining more about the PSR, which you can watch by clicking here.