Adam Afriyie MP welcomes SSEN’s fleet decarbonisation drive

Image shows SSEN's Bryan Puszkar with Adam Afriyie MP and one of SSEN's electric vans

Adam Afriyie MP has praised Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) for its commitment to decarbonising its corporate fleet by 2030. The MP visited SSEN’s Ascot substation on Friday to discuss the transition to net zero and the completion of a £7.4m upgrade to future proof the network for his constituents. 

SSEN is a signatory of the EV100 commitment and as part of SSE Group will shift 3,500 vehicles to electric by 2030. The decarbonisation of corporate fleet was recognised by the Climate Change Committee (CCC) this week as a critical step on the UK’s journey to achieving its 2050 net zero carbon emissions target. Corporate fleets account for 56% of new vehicles purchased, which in turn account for 1.5 million vehicles to the second-hand market annually. Shifting fleet to electric will stimulate the second-hand market and make the EV transition more widely accessible. 

SSEN has recently completed a £7.4m upgrade in Adam Afriyie MP’s constituency, and has committed to invest in its infrastructure to support 10m EVs on Great Britain’s roads by 2030. The Windsor MP visited SSEN to discuss its electric vehicle (EV) commitments and investment in infrastructure to support his constituents’ decarbonisation ambitions. 

Mr Afriyie said: 

“The UK Government is demonstrating international leadership on climate change and I welcome the efforts by companies like SSEN in supporting the net zero target. Its investment will support a safe, secure and accessible transition to the UK’s net zero future for Windsor and beyond.”  

SSEN’s multi-million pound programme of local works has seen the upgrade of 14 kilometres of infrastructure between Ascot and Longcross; improving the resilience of the power supply for those who live and work in the area, and helping to prepare for the increased demand on the electricity network as the UK aims to meet its climate change targets. 

The £7.4 million programme of works included the removal of overhead power lines through Chobham Common Nature Reserve and the refurbishment of the primary substation at the site of the Military Vehicles and Engineering Establishment; enabling SSEN to protect and enhance the local environment, while strengthening the existing supply and allowing for future commercial and residential connections. 

Chris Slingsby, Head of Strategic Investment for SSEN said: 

“It was fantastic to welcome Adam Afriyie to our Ascot substation to discuss the opportunities and challenges the transition to EVs poses for SSEN and the communities it serves. In our distribution areas we expect EV ownership to increase by 11,000% by 2050. Electricity networks will have a critical role in realising the UK’s net zero target, and we are ready to invest to enable and accelerate the transition to EVs.”

The CCC’s Sixth Carbon Budget, published last week, indicated that as the UK transition to net zero, electricity demand could treble by 2050.