Scottish fire service control rooms switched on to safety

Scottish control and training fire and rescue teams with SSEN employees

Electricity network operators have joined forces with the Scottish fire service to help keep emergency service crews safe around live electrical equipment.

Safety teams from Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) visited the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) Training Centre, promoting their ‘stay five, stay alive and call 105’ message to the Operations Control Training and Employee Development Teams for Scotland.

The slogan refers to the five-metre distance first responders should remain from potentially live electricity whilst out on jobs including fires, third-party damage to electrical equipment and road traffic collisions.

SSEN’s representatives delivered a presentation detailing an overview of the electricity network, the different types of equipment crews might encounter and the need to immediately call the 105 emergency line to isolate power supplies, making the area safe for them to carry out their work.

SFRS representatives also visited SSEN’s control room in Perth to better understand how its control teams deal with power cuts, incidents and emergencies on the electricity network in the north of Scotland.

Kel Somers, Operational Safety Advisor at SSEN, said:

“We’ve been touring the north of Scotland spreading our vital safety messages to local retained firefighters and during these sessions it became clear we had to spread the message further to control room staff dispatching firefighters to emergencies across Scotland.

“Safety is one of our key priorities at SSEN, ensuring everyone goes home safe at the end of every working day and this also translates to our emergency responder colleagues working in challenging conditions on a daily basis.”

SFRS Operations Control Station Commander Morven McDonald, added:

“I would like to thank our partners at SSEN for taking the time to meet our staff and highlight this vital safety advice for crews on the ground.

“The safety of our firefighters is of paramount importance, so this presentation, which will help keep crews working in potentially hazardous environments safe, is most welcome.”

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