SSEN to host event in Basingstoke to accelerate local preparedness for electric vehicles

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is hosting an event to support Local Authorities accelerate the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) Thursday 14November, in Basingstoke’s Crowne Plaza Hotel. The network operator is calling on all interested parties to sign-up and to get their voice heard as we work to decarbonise transport.  

SSEN is a strong supporter of the UK’s 2050 net zero emissions target, which will require the decarbonisation and extensive electrification of the UK’s transport sector. To support the smooth transition SSEN is seeking to work with local authorities, government, and wider industry to prepare the communities it serves for electric vehicles.

Engaging with the communities it serves is essential for SSEN in ensuring EV ownership can be supported, the electricity network is prepared, and to raise awareness of the process of installing EV infrastructure. Working with Local Enterprise Partnerships, Local Authorities, Regional Transport partnerships and others will support SSEN’s network being prepared for EVs and enable the communities it serves to realise their decarbonisation ambitions.

The event on Thursday will support an ongoing dialogue between SSEN and stakeholders across our distribution area. SSEN is committed to ensuring that the transition is managed in a way that works for all customers from a range of socio-economic backgrounds, and Local Authorities are critical in supporting this effort.

SSEN is calling on all interested parties to register for its event on 14 November in Crowne Plaza Hotel, between 10AM – 1.15PM, by contacting

Richard Hartshorn, SSEN’s EV Readiness Manager said: “We are going through a significant period of change in terms of the demand that is placed on the electricity network. EVs present an exciting opportunity both to reduce carbon emissions and improve the environment of the communities we serve. The success of this transition depends on cooperation, and ensuring local authorities are informed and equipped to make the decisions that deliver for their areas.”

The EV sessions will comprise of presentations that will run through SSEN’s connection process for EV charging connections. SSEN employees will be on hand to discuss how this transition can occur in an affordable and equitable manner, delivering a smarter network that accommodates EVs.

As a company that provides an essential service SSEN is committed to having a positive impact in the communities it operates. SSEN’s approach is to embed sustainability in everything it does, ensuring it is creating positive environmental, social and economic benefits shared across its communities. Breakout sessions at the EV event will include discussions around SSEN’s sustainability commitments, and what support it can provide to decarbonise heat.

Richard explains: “Local Authorities will have a critical role in the journey towards net zero. We want to utilise and share our expertise to inform their decarbonisation plans for EVs and heat. The decarbonisation of heat will be a difficult challenge, and it is only through cooperation and working together than the UK can start to make progress.

"SSEN is committed to ensuring the low-carbon transition is equitable, fair, and works for all customers. Ensuring opportunities are understood and how the benefits can be shared is one of the key priorities of the day.”

In 2019, SSEN committed to paving the way to help accommodate 10 million electric vehicles in Great Britain by investing in electricity network flexibility and infrastructure. As part of SSE, SSEN has signed up to the EV100 commitment, to decarbonise its transport fleet by 2030.