Oxfordshire hospital patients to receive extra support from SSEN

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is working in partnership with Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to highlight the additional help available to those leaving hospital after treatment.

SSEN is using special drop in days at Oxford’s Churchill Hospital to speak to patients undergoing radiotherapy treatment and explain about the Priority Services Register (PSR) that is free to customers who might need extra assistance during a power cut.

Customer and Community Advisor for SSEN, Chelsie Bickford will be at Churchill Hospital on several dates during November and December. She explains more about how SSEN can help its customers during times when they may feel vulnerable, saying: "At SSEN, we know that the possibility of a power cut can be a worrying situation for people who may have recently left hospital or are undergoing treatment.

“Being able to chat to people at the hospital is really important as many patients who are going home may have found that their circumstances have changed and we want to let them know that when they are home, we can provide extra help to give them should the power go off. Family and friends visiting those in hospital can also benefit from knowing how PSR works, as they can nominate someone for the service and become their official contact.

“I’ll also be giving out advice on fuel poverty and resilience planning, so I’d encourage anyone to come along to have a chat about SSEN and how we can help customers feel secure and cared for in the event of a power cut."

SSEN’s drop in days will take place at the Churchill Hospital, Old Road, Oxford, OX3 7LE on the following dates: 

  • Monday 4 November
  • Tuesday 12 November
  • Wednesday 20 November
  • Thursday 28 November
  • Friday 6 December
  • Monday 9 December
  • Tuesday 17 December

Many people can feel vulnerable when their electricity goes off, especially during severe weather and customers can join the PSR if they:  

  • Are dependent on electricity for home medical care, for example a kidney dialysis machine or ventilator 
  • Have a chronic illness or short term medical condition; for example you are recovering from a major operation 
  • Are disabled 
  • Have special communication needs; for example because you are blind, partially sighted, deaf or hard of hearing 
  • Have children under five
  • Are over 60 years old  

Over 700,000 SSEN customers are already signed up to the Priority Services Register, but SSEN wants to make sure that all of those who are eligible for the service know about the extra help they could receive during a power cut. 

To find out more and to access SSEN’s multi-language PSR leaflets, please go to the Priority Services Register page on our website - https://www.ssen.co.uk/PriorityServices/