SSEN and NFU urge farmers and landowners to report network damage through 105 and Power Track

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks Distribution (SSEN) is urging farmers and landowners across central southern England to report any damage they may see to the electricity network, and to stay safe around fallen or damaged power lines.

Working with the National Farmers Union (NFU), SSEN is raising awareness of its free-to-call 105 emergency number. The system enables anyone to call in from a landline or mobile - and automatically connects them to the network operator in their region - to flag up any areas of danger or damage they come across when working near the poles, cables and substations that provide power to homes and businesses to over 4 million customers in SSEN’s south patch.

The development of the Power Track app, which can be downloaded for free to any mobile device, means that power cuts and damage to infrastructure can be reported at the click of a button, while keeping customers up-to-date on any power issues in their area.

SSEN’s Head of Safety, Ian Crawley explains more: “Both of these services are free to use and we’d urge anyone working in our rural areas to load them onto their phones, so they always have them to hand. They’re incredibly easy to use and enable anyone to report issues quickly and safely.

“With its longer, lighter days summer is the busiest time of the year for farmers across the country, so we’re working with the NFU to highlight the use of the 105 number and the Power Track app; both of which can help keep farmers, landowners, land managers and contractors safe when working outside.

“In addition to our ‘Look out, Look up’ campaign, we’re asking our rural customers and communities to be vigilant and report damage to the network as soon as possible by using these free services.

“We’d urge everyone to avoid approaching damaged or fallen power lines, keep at least five metres away, and report incidents immediately by calling us on 105 or using the Power Track app from their mobile device.”

NFU South East Regional Director, William White said: “During the busiest months of the year on farms, we are reminding our farmer members to use the free 105 number to report any problems with the electricity network and to download the Power Track app onto their phones. 

“We hope that farmers will encourage their employees and contractors to do the same, as this is the easiest way to log any potential danger or indeed damage that they may come across when working near power lines.” 

SSEN’s customers can call 105 or download SSEN’s Power Track app to report power cuts as well as damage to electricity power lines, substations or equipment that could put themselves, or someone else, in danger. Customers should always avoid approaching damaged or fallen power lines, keep at least five metres away, and report incidents immediately. 

Network issues to look out for include: 

  • Damaged or fallen power lines
  • Damage to, or interference with, electricity substations
  • Vehicles or construction activities too close to power lines
  • Damaged or exposed electricity cables
  • Trees too close to power lines or substations

Please click on the links to find out more about SSEN’s Power Track app and the 105 number, and this year’s ‘Look out, Look up’ campaign.

If you would like further information on staying safe when working near power lines, please go to and