SSEN’s multi-million pound investment to future-proof network from Chobham to Ascot

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is investing over £7 million in the next 16 months to future-proof a significant section of its Thames Valley network.

Work gets under way this week to upgrade 14 kilometres of the electricity infrastructure that serves homes and businesses from Chobham to Ascot and all the areas in between.

The project which will build resilience to the area’s power supply through the undergrounding of sections of cable and the refurbishment of the primary substation at the site of the Military Vehicles and Engineering Establishment, will also allow for future commercial and residential connections. The substation element of the project alone will provide power to 10,000 customers, with the overall programme of works keeping the infrastructure resilient and secure for decades to come.

While the project is looking ahead to ensure a power supply that is fit for the future, it is also taking in to account more immediate events, as SSEN’s Project Manager, Anthony Horne explains:

“During the planning stages of this project, SSEN was very aware of the events being held in the local area and, in particular, the calendar of Ascot racecourse, which draws huge crowds to the area.

“The project team has worked very closely with local businesses, residents and local authorities, and will continue to do so to ensure the smooth running and progress of, not just these upgrade works, but also the planned, local activities along the project route over the next 16 months.

“It’s always our aim to minimise disruption, while maximising the safety of our colleagues and our customers who may be in the vicinity of this project. For the duration of the works, SSEN will be available to address any questions raised by the community, so that all parties involved are able to influence any possible impact these works may have.”

Letter drops will be carried out to homes and businesses to update them on the phases of the project as it reaches their immediate area and, as some of the areas of the upgrade may lead to minor traffic management systems being used temporarily, details will be posted on