Stay alive, call 105 - SSEN urges customers to stay clear of damage to the electricity network

Engineers working on a damaged wooden electricity pole at the side of a rural road

Image shows example of previous damage to SSEN's network

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks Distribution (SSEN) is urging its customers to report any damage they may see to the electricity network, and to stay safe around fallen or damaged power lines.

This urgent warning comes after fallen high voltage overhead power lines were moved across a main road by a member of the public, following damage to SSEN’s overhead network in the north of Scotland.

Martin Bowen, Operational Safety Advisor at SSEN, said: “We are urging our customers and communities to be vigilant and report damage to the network as soon as possible, as lines even operating at low voltage can prove fatal in these circumstances.

“This incident could have had very serious consequences. While the customer may have felt they were doing the right thing by moving the line out of the way, it could easily have proven fatal for the individual concerned. We’d like to remind everyone never to assume electrical equipment is dead and to remember a circuit may be switched back on automatically at any time.

“We’d urge everyone to avoid approaching damaged or fallen power lines, keep at least five metres away, and report incidents immediately by calling us on 105.”

SSEN’s customers can call 105 to report power cuts as well as damage to electricity power lines, substations or equipment that could put themselves, or someone else, in danger. Damage can also be reported through SSEN’s Power Track app.

In a safety emergency, dial 999 and ask for the police who will contact SSEN directly.

Things to look out for:

  • Damaged or fallen power lines
  • Damage to, or interference with, electricity substations
  • Vehicles or construction activities too close to power lines
  • Damaged or exposed electricity cables
  • Trees too close to power lines or substations

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Examples of previous damage to SSEN's network:

Damage To Electricity Network 1

IMG 20170305 095916086 Crop

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