SSEN's Weather Watch for August 2019

Colour weather map of the UK

There are two main talking points in the weather world so far this summer – the UK recorded an all-time high temperature of 38.7C at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden on 25 July and the considerable rainfall in Lincolnshire in June and to parts of northern England at the end of July and early August. 

The map from Met Desk on the main page shows the astonishing maximum temperatures from the official Met Office weather stations on the hottest day.

Looking ahead to the remainder of August, there is relatively high confidence for the type of weather pattern we’re expecting across north west Europe. Our weather will be dominated by frequent low pressure, which is likely to bring repeated spells of showers, thunderstorms and heavy downpours. Unfortunately, this means the threat from further flooding episodes is high as the summer thundery showers continue through August.

There will be occasional warm days with sunny spells – but probably nothing sustained in terms of settled weather. As a result, temperatures will be near or below average overall, and the prospect of another significant or prolonged heatwave is low or very low. 

The MetDesk map above is indicative of the rainfall anomalies (in percentages) for Europe between the 2nd and 17th of August. This is a prediction from the GFS ensemble weather model and the blue areas show above average precipitation and the orange and reds highlight the regions with below average values. The drier weather is to be found across the Mediterranean countries and perhaps in Iceland and Finland. 

We hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and we’ll be back in a few weeks to discuss the weather prospects for September.

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