SSEN's Weather Watch for October 2018

Weather bar graph for September

The weather statistics are in for September now and the month was a fraction colder than average, ending a spell of five months with above average temperatures. 

The bar chart above  - from the Met Office - shows the temperature anomalies very nicely so far in 2018. 

As we look to the remainder of October, the weather maps are expected to be dominated by low pressure centred near Iceland, occasionally moving closer to Scotland, and a large area of high pressure, generally west of Portugal towards the Azores, and another high pressure over western Russia.

This weather pattern will bring mainly warmer than average temperatures across Europe, especially in Germany and north to Scandinavia. The warmest spell, relative to average, is likely to be 8-17 October. Daytime temperatures could reach 18-21 Celsius over England, 15-18 degrees in Wales and 13-16 over Northern Ireland and Scotland.

During this time, grass frosts are very unlikely and sunshine levels are forecast to be above average, especially in eastern England. Further to the west, some spells of heavy rain are likely to come in from the Atlantic over Northern Ireland and western Scotland. 

The MetDesk's weather map on the main page shows the average pressure pattern for the five days starting 10 October, relatively warm southerly winds are expected for much of Europe.

As we head towards the last week of the month, we could find some days where the high pressure moves to the near the UK. This will likely bring some colder days and nights with some autumn fogs. 

We’ll be back in a few weeks to take a look at the weather prospects for November. 

For more weather information you can follow our senior meteorologist, Simon Cardy on twitter @weather_king. 


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