SSEN urges the public to stay safe around its electricity network

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Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is urging customers living and working in the north of Scotland and central southern England to report damage and suspicious activity around its electricity network to help ensure the safety of the local community.

The network operator is reminding everyone of the dangers associated with its overhead lines, underground cables and substations, and is encouraging people to stay safe and report unusual situations.

Richard Gough, SSEN’s Head of Safety, Health and Environment, said:

“Our electricity infrastructure is constructed and maintained in accordance with rigorous safety standards, but it can pose a significant risk to anyone who interferes with it either intentionally or otherwise.  We care about the communities we serve and we’re campaigning to raise awareness levels and encourage everyone to keep out of substations, away from overhead lines and cables and report anything unusual to the national electricity emergency number – 105.

“At SSEN, the delivery of safe and reliable electricity to the communities we serve is our primary objective and, as such, we’re encouraging everyone to avoid danger and stay away from our electricity network at all times.”

SSEN is issuing the following guidance to the communities it serves:

  • If you notice any damage to our network or substations, please call 105
  • If you suspect any unusual activity in or around our equipment, please call 105 and/or 999
  • Do not attempt to access substations to retrieve property, call 105 and we’ll help you
  • Check for buried services before you dig
  • Look out, look up when you’re close to overhead power lines

Customers can download SSEN’s Power Track app and use it to report incidents, send photographs of network damage, find out about SSEN’s Priority Services Register, and check for power cuts in their area.

For more information on safety around SSEN’s electricity network, please visit

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