SSEN to outline plans for multi-million pound network upgrade

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is to hold a series of public engagement events in relation to a multi-million pound project to upgrade the electricity network between Chobham and Ascot.

The £7.2 million programme of works spans a 14km long section of SSEN’s Thames Valley network and will run over an 11 month period.

In addition to the improving the cable network, the substation at the site of the Military Vehicles and Engineering Establishment will be refurbished to meet the needs of the upgraded electricity infrastructure.

SSEN’s Project Manager for the works, Anthony Horne explains more: “This is a substantial series of works that SSEN will carry out over nearly a year to help future-proof the network that serves homes and businesses from Chobham to Ascot and all the areas in between.

“The project is required to enable large, new connections for the expansion of businesses and homes across the region, while strengthening the resilience of the network.

“As well as the upgrades to the infrastructure, parts of the network will also be reconfigured to ensure the best supply to our customers.”

In relation to the works, which are due to commence on 8 November 2018, a series of public engagement events will be held locally to enable residents and business owners to meet the SSEN team, find out more about the route of the works and raise any questions they might have.

The dates and times of the events will be issued shortly via hand delivered letters to local residents and highlighted on the SSEN website and SSEN’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn channels.