SSEN helps community commemorate Remembrance Sunday

Poppy display against blue sky

A Melksham hospital’s appeal for help on social media has been answered by colleagues from Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks’ (SSEN) nearby depot.

With Remembrance Sunday approaching, staff from the hospital were keen to mark the day with a display of poppies and wreaths that would be accessible for the workers, patients and visitors at the hospital, as well providing the local community with an area to pay tribute to those lost in action.

With all of the pieces in place to set up the commemorative display, the only problem was finding the suitable equipment to hang the poppies and wreaths at the right height, and that’s where SSEN stepped in.

SSEN colleagues Keely Taylor, Ryan Cobb and Michael Sawyer knew they had the perfect platform and machinery to raise the poppy display and hang the wreaths, and contacted the hospital to offer their help.

Keely, who works in SSEN’s office directly opposite the hospital, said: “I had seen the hospital’s appeal for help on Facebook and I knew straight away that we had equipment – usually used for working on the local electricity network – that would allow us to safely reach the right height to hang the Remembrance Sunday display.

“Being able to help the community and take part in local events is really important to us here in the SSEN Melksham office, as we live and work in the area.

“It means a lot to us to give up just a small amount of our time to help remember those who gave so much.”

Vicky Smith, Clinical Lead for the Melksham & Bradford-on-Avon Community Team, added: “A fleeting comment in the office about ‘yarnbombing’ the hospital with poppies for Remembrance Sunday suddenly became a team project. We recruited help from our families and friends, patients and the general public to knit or crochet as many poppies as possible. Thankfully this was a challenge that was accepted.

“We, as a team, are so grateful for the help received from SSEN’s Keely, Ryan and Michael to help us with the assembly of the display”.