SSEN's Weather Watch for June 2018

Spring 2018 finished with the month of May being the equal second warmest for the UK since records began in 1910, and the sunniest since records began in 1929, according to the Met Office. Looking at spring across Europe, from the MeteoGroup on the main page, we can see most places were warmer than average but it was colder and wetter than average in Iberia.

High pressure will be sitting to the north of us on 5 June and a north-easterly breeze will bring quite a lot of cloud to England and Wales  - it will feel chilly on the North Sea coasts, but most parts of Scotland and Ireland should do better, feeling warmer here with a fair amount of sunshine developing. The area of clear skies should become larger as the cloud tends to disperse. 

The satellite photo above was taken by the Dundee Satellite Receiving Station and shows the extent of the cloud cover and the lucky guys with the sunshine on 5 June!

The sunshine should be in greater supply on 6 June, although parts of eastern and northern England could be overcast for much of the day. Isolated showers are expected to develop over southern England on 7 June and these will tend to break out across other parts of the UK and Ireland during the days 8-10 June. Some of the showers may become heavy with localised thunderstorms. 

The week commencing 11 June is likely to be more unsettled with rain or showers in places, again locally heavy downpours with thunderstorms breaking out. Some cooler and windier days are expected during this period. 

There are some signals for fine, summer weather to return to most places for the last 10-12 days of the month as high pressure occasionally settles near the UK and Ireland. Some cooler, unsettled weather could still impact Scotland from time to time though with winds coming in from the Atlantic. 

To summarise, the weather is looking mixed during June but overall we expect temperatures to be above average, rainfall to be near or below average (with some exceptions), and sunshine levels should outturn near average. In other parts of Europe, Germany and Poland are predicted to have a hotter than average month. In terms of rainfall, more frequent downpours and thunderstorms will bring a wet month to many parts of south and southeastern Europe.

For more weather information you can follow our senior meteorologist, Simon Cardy on twitter @weather_king. 

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