Are you ready for winter? SSEN supports the Be Winter Ready campaign

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is supporting a new campaign urging people to be prepared for bad weather this winter and to know what to do if they have a power cut or gas emergency.

As the nights get colder and darker, the chances of severe weather increase. Storms, floods and other extreme conditions can cause damage to network infrastructure and disrupt your energy supply.  

That’s why the UK’s gas and electricity network companies have come together to launch the Be Winter Ready campaign. The campaign aims to help the public better-prepare for power cuts and gas emergencies that may result from bad winter weather. 

To Be Winter Ready, you should: 

  • Know your free emergency numbers - in a power cut dial 105 or, for a gas emergency, dial 0800 111999

  • Prepare your home – keep a torch handy and get your appliances serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Customers who need a little extra support can join the Priority Services Register.

  • Keep your eyes open – keep an eye on the weather forecast and, if you have a power cut or a gas emergency, check on your neighbours 

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks is also encouraging its customers to be prepared in the event of possible disruption to power supplies over the winter, by: 

  • Saving the emergency power cut number – 105 – to your phone to use if your power goes off, or to report any damage you see to the electricity network

  • Downloading SSEN’s Power Track app to give you details of power cuts and restoration times.

  • Going to SSEN’s website where there is a wealth of advice and information on how to prepare for a possible loss of power.

  • Following SSEN on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates   

  • Joining SSEN’s Priority Services Register if you feel you may need a little extra support during a power cut or emergency situation. 

SSEN’s customers can join the PSR if they are dependent on electricity for home medical care, have a chronic illness or short term medical needs, are disabled, have special communication needs, are over the age of 60, have a child under the age of five at home or for any other reason feel they may need extra support during a power cut.

For more information on SSEN’s Priority Services Register, please visit, or to register call 0800 294 3259 or 0800 316 5457 to register using a text phone.

In recent years the chances of unplanned problems with electricity and gas supply have reduced dramatically. Since 1990, network companies have invested £80bn in improving the reliability of local energy networks in the UK. As a result, on average, electricity customers have a power cut just once every two years and gas distribution customers will have their gas supply interrupted without advance notice just once every 40 years. 

Despite this, our gas and electricity networks can be affected by natural events, with severe winter weather potentially causing significant damage. The gas and electricity network operators are urging the public to Be Winter Ready. Make sure you’re prepared in case you have a power cut or gas emergency.

More information about the campaign can be found at