An electrifying learning experience for Milne’s Primary School

Image caption: The Primary Six class from Milne's Primary School with actors from Talkmor Theatre. Click the image to watch some of the children talking about electricity and resilience.

Electrical safety has been at the heart of the learning experience this year for pupils from Milne’s Primary School in Fochabers, Moray.

The Primary Six pupils took time out of their busy timetables to thank Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) for visiting the school earlier this year. The children welcomed a visit from Christopher Thomson-Bialy, Plant Maintenance Team Manager and Shona Horn, Customer Relationship Manager who delivered a presentation on electrical safety.

The class learned how electricity gets to homes and businesses across the north of Scotland, handled real cable samples and tried on Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). The importance of safety around electrical equipment and power lines was a key theme throughout the presentation, with pupils being introduced to electrical dangers inside and outside of the home and were given hints and tips on how to prepare for and stay safe during a power cut.

Eilidh from the Primary Six class thanked Chris and Shona from SSEN: “I enjoyed getting to see all of the gear you have to put on to keep you safe. I also enjoyed seeing all of the big wires that we would usually only get to see from a distance, and learning how they are used.

“I learnt that when there’s a power cut all you have to do is call 105. I also learnt that birds don’t get electrocuted when they sit on the wires because electricity wants to find the quickest way to the ground.

“I learnt to stay safe and that everyone should have a grab box handy because there could be a power cut at any time. In a grab box there is a hat, torch, landline phone, hand warmers, foil blanket and canned food. All of these things can keep you safe in a power cut.”

Neil Wilson, Head of Region for SSEN’s North Caledonia Region said: “We’ve been delighted to work closely with Mrs Mailer and the Primary Six pupils to help them learn about the importance of electrical safety when inside the home or playing outside.

“We were amazed by the level of understanding of electricity, the dangers and what to do in an emergency when we read the thank you letters the pupils sent to us following the presentation and drama workshop. I’m delighted they enjoyed their experience with SSEN and would like to thank them for being so enthusiastic about the topic.”

Earlier in the year the class took part in a drama workshop to learn how to be safe and more resilient during bad weather and emergency situations. The interactive theatre piece, developed by SSEN in partnership with Talkmor Theatre demonstrated how communities and individuals can come together to prepare, respond and recover from emergencies.

To read the thank you letters from all of the Primary Six pupils, please click here.

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