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The energy regulator Ofgem sets objectives to encourage transmission licensees to achieve high standards in environmental management and to help move the industry to a low carbon system.

We are committed to our role as a facilitator for the transition to a low-carbon energy economy. The total level of renewable generation either connected to our transmission system or currently under construction is over 4GW. The growth in low-carbon power sources have been enabled by transmission network development in the north of Scotland, projects like Beauly-Denny and Blackhillock-Kintore upgrades.

By the end of 2015, Beauly-Denny will have enabled 30 individual renewable developments across the north of Scotland to have progressed to completion, totalling over 700MW of new renewable generation. And there is a further 8GW of renewable generation contracted to connect to the SHE Transmission network.

Our low carbon efforts have been recognised by Ofgem as we were awarded a rating of ‘proactive’; this was an improvement from our previous rating of being ‘engaged’.  We’re now just one step away from our ultimate aim of being recognised as demonstrating ‘leadership’.

As a responsible developer we will continue to engage with Ofgem and our stakeholders about the UK’s low carbon objectives and we are changing our business and operational practices to meet the needs of a diverse new portfolio of renewable generators.

In August we looked to get the thoughts of our stakeholders so we could make sure your views were reflected in our ongoing low-carbon performance submissions to Ofgem. The feedback we received was informative and has helped with our decision-making and what we can do to improve our shift to a low carbon energy sector.

The two main areas of feedback we received concerned our carbon footprint and the need to innovate in the renewable energy sector. We have already started to identify ways we can continue to make gains in these two vital areas and we are positive these will result in a significant change to our environmental performance in the years to come.

Our programme of stakeholder engagement on our environmental performance continues into the New Year. We’re keen to hear from our stakeholders involved with low carbon energy generation or low carbon technology innovation; and those interested in protecting and enhancing the environment in their local community. For your chance to get involved please email

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Dave Gardner Director of Transmission

Dave is the Director of Transmission, responsible for Transmission in the North of Scotland including the build and delivery of the multi-billion pound portfolio which will facilitate the connection of the North of Scotland future renewable energy generation projects.

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